Pinklao Marble - a showroom that simplifies big ‘marbles’ things

We stumbled upon a big rock with eye-catching designs while our car was stranded in the middle of Borommaratchachonnani Road. However, upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be Pinklao Marble , a marble material showroom that sells both marble, granite, and synthetic stone with various designs and textures from across the world. They also provide consulting, design, processing, and installation of marble to fulfill the demands of architects and designers of any dimension.

Importer of marble materials for more than 30 years

Pinklaomarble is managed by ‘Champ Watchara-Pruksananon’ and ‘May-Arisa Pruksananon’, the 2nd generation descendants, importers, fabricators, designers, installers, and consultants on patterns and textures of marble materials. Granite and synthetic stones from quarries around the world are selected for architects and designers to install both interior and exterior buildings and furniture to make the design more distinctive and interesting.

“For natural marble, it takes experts to select it from foreign mines because many architects need unique, gorgeous, and highly detailed marble. There is also a matter of quality, which might take years to obtain.”

The stone building that is floated in the air

During my father’s tenure, the company mostly sold marble materials for hotels and large buildings. 5 years ago, the company intended to offer marble in the retail market and wanted customers to be able to walk in and touch and feel the marble, which led to the establishment of this new marble showroom in the Pinklao neighborhood.

The three-story showroom was designed by Pava Architect with the intention of making the third-floor frame resemble the cut stone. The building consists of SANDRO’s Book Match Marble material, which was inspired by the factory’s soft stone cutting technique. The third-floor cantilever (overhanging beam) is also placed on the glass wall on the second floor and the first floor to create the illusion of a giant rock floating in the air.

1st Floor
1st Floor
1st Floor
1st Floor

The first floor is designed with high ceilings with 3 meters high colorful marbles organized in a deep row by trying to keep the colors inside the building in light colors to highlight each stone and make it stand out. There is also granite, and small and long synthetic stones placed in the staircase compartment. Small stones and large stone slabs are on display outside of the building. Visitors may feel and touch the stone material at any moment, regardless of where they are in the structure.

2nd Floor
3nd Floor

The second story includes the office and meeting room, which can always see the first floor, while the third floor houses the executive rest area where the flooring, top furniture, and restrooms are all marble, granite, and synthetic stones. There is also an internal garden where everyone may relax after a hard day of work and enjoy the natural wind. 

“We would like to present this showroom to show that natural marble, granite, and synthetic stone can be installed in any part of the building.”

Behind the beauty of the stone

Due to the insufficient display of marble, granite, and synthetic stone in the main showroom, a semi-factory showroom was built in the back, just 600 meters distant from the main showroom, allowing visitors to wander and choose around. It is also an area for producing, processing and designing various types of stones by drilling, carving, spinning, and adjusting the surface through computer or CNC machines to get stone materials in the designs desired by consumers.

The marble pattern resembles that of good-grade beef

With a wide range of marble volumes, the showroom introduced some interesting stones as follows;


The most expensive marble is probably CALACATTA from an old Italian mine, with black lines draped over a white background. If any slab has a large line and a clear white color, as if it were the mineral pattern of fine beef, the higher the price it is and it can create a distinctive feature for the building as well. 


In addition to CALACATTA, within this historic Italian mine, there is also STATUARIETTO marble where the lines are both small and large, light gray throughout the slab. When installed inside or outside, it gives a sense of lightness and luxury at the same time.


Light brown marble from Iran with long and light dark veins throughout the slab. The uniqueness of this stone is that it is translucent, making the material shines brighter than other stones. When mounted inside or outside, it gives a feeling of nature as if the earth is glowing.


This Italian marble with black lines and huge smoke-like patterns on a white backdrop is ideal for those who want clean lines. This marble design is also used to embellish several areas of the Mahanakhon building.

“Marble is a material with different patterns and colors, so it’s recommended to touch and feel it at the showroom.”

Recycled synthetic stone

There are also natural granite and synthetic stones such as compressed stone, quartz stone, and artificial stone that have uniform colors and patterns throughout the sheet. These large marble slabs are chopped into square slabs, leaving small fragments. Therefore, these components are compacted, mixed, and combined with resin until the resulting material is durable, strong, non-porous, and has low water absorption. It is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops, which are different from marble that requires a protective coating to prevent dirt from infiltrating the stone surface.

Never be concerned about the erosion

There are two techniques for installing stone:

For external stone installation, Alloy Dry-process or dry installation technique should be utilized by securing the marble on 6-8 floating aluminum points to the building structure so that it is firmly linked and does not produce plaque stains when used for a given amount of time. Furthermore, waterproofing must be put on both sides of the slab to avoid erosion and provide long-term strength.

Interior stone and general stone should be installed using the wet approach, which is to install with an adhesive mortar system since it does not slip off easily and is suited for all types of floors and walls.

Furthermore, because Thailand is hot and humid, stone materials should not be put near together because they may shrink and expand.

Emphasize the customer experience from start to finish

Pinklaomarble acts as both a stone selector and a pattern maker for every slab imported from abroad to obtain quality and patterns that meet the needs of architects and designers. There is also a team of professionals in installing stone materials using the proper ways. However, if the designer currently works with a professional contractor, the showroom will send stone slabs with the Dry-lay process, installation techniques, and numbering so that the contractor can properly install it and reduce the chance of damage on site.

Pinklaomarble can be contacted at or Call 02 884 4115

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn