Allianz Ayudhya Thailand Headquarters, the modern dynamic office

Long periods of time spent in the same office environment can easily lead to boredom or burnout, which can be regarded as a major workplace issue. Of course, this isn’t a new concept. The vast majority of workplace owners throughout the world are aware of this and employ design as a solution on a regular basis.

Just like ALLIANZ AYUDHYA, there is a project underway to renovate the main office in order to give staff a good quality of life and thus improved work performance. A specialized architect in office design like pbm is inextricably responsible for the new design improvements to redesign the office’s stereotype.

First Floor area

“Future Office” design pitching

ALLIANZ AYUDHYA wishes to renovate its ten-year old headquarters. They have seen PBM’s work in a variety of settings, all of which encourage a modern style of working. As a result, ALLIANZ AYUDHYA has invited the PBM architect team to propose their design.

“Through two rounds of pitching, we proposed a new concept of office essentials that would become a future trend, and ALLIANZ AYUDHYA chose us to be responsible for the design of the new office renovation.”

First Floor area

ALLIANZ AYUDHYA presented the pbm architects’ team with the initial challenge of transforming the old office into a modern office that provides a suitable working environment. Also, the new office should have supportive technology to improve the quality of work as well as the physical and mental health of employees.

“The unification of workspaces that were formerly three organizations that are different in terms of shape and work habits is the key to this design of ALLIANZ AYUDHYA. Furthermore, ALLIANZ AYUDHYA would like to incorporate the ALLIANZ brand identification into the decoration. In addition to the requirement for the usable area to match the original function of the office, pbm also provides additional features that meet the needs of the modern office, such as a variety of working corners, meeting rooms with a reservation system, and more personal and informal meeting rooms to allow employees to gather and discuss more in order to create a more suitable working environment.”

Incorporates needs and brands into the design.

“In terms of corporate image, it is straightforward but stylish. ALLIANZ AYUDHYA walked us through their advertising graphic artwork so that we could comprehend the brand identity and incorporate it into the interior design. For example, the brand’s logo is a blue and white eagle circle, which we have used round curves to make the working environment look lighter and more comfortable. From the big picture, you can see that straight lines and curves add a modern twist to the space by appearing on ceilings, walls, lights, office spaces and desks. Additionally, ALLIANZ has partnered with the Olympic and Paralympic Games where we were asked to raise awareness of the event’s support without being overtly advertised. As a tiny gimmick, we developed the design by including small athletes jogging in the work area, conference room, and corridor.”

First Floor area
First Floor area

Ideas within each floor

As for the design of the space, the architects wanted it to be as modernised but as minimal as possible. We started to design the area on the first floor which is a transactional area where customers pay various premiums, which originally had a narrow and deep facade. We designed the space to look spacious and comfortable by using the brand’s white colour with white glossy finish materials to contrast with the blue and add lines to create a sleek look on the ceiling.  In the high ceiling hall, we chose a white laminate with glitter on both sides.

First Floor area

” We choose a white laminate with glitter. When we look up, as it reflects the lustre, giving a feeling of stress when customers come in to make an insurance claim.” As a result, we chose long and extra high. Because the ceiling is quite low, entering will be unsettling. As a result, we increase the space’s transparency to make it feel more relaxed and modern.

2nd floor

In the colour scheme of each office floor, since there are 9 floors, pbm intends to design different decorations based on the concept of Allianz’s marketing package, which has three themes: Earth, Ocean, and Forest.

8th Floor

“Walking to different locations can prevent the staff members from feeling bored at work; furthermore, it can help improve the organization’s image.  Because this building contains many floors, we use three color themes for different areas.  For the floor of personal/customer service, whose key image is steadiness, we use brown to represent the ground’s steadiness.  Next, we use blue for the executive’s floor because it evokes the vibe of tranquility, stability, and immensity, all of which are associated with the sea. Finally, green is employed in the staff’s floor to make the employees feel calm and relaxed, as if they were in a natural green environment. These color schemes were inspired by Allianz’s advertisement, which corresponds to these concepts.”

7th Floor
7th Floor

The important highlight is on the 7th floor, which serves as the reception area for both external and internal guests.  This area accommodates the large number of guests. Because the entrance is quite narrow, the architect employs the stainless mirror to produce a reflection that gives the impression of a wider dimension, to capture people’s attention, and to create a modern vibe for visitors.

“When it comes to the reception lobby, we decided to stick with the brand’s color scheme, which are white and blue.  In terms of shape and format, we employ circle and curve lines to make it look gentler, reducing the stress of the area, which is designed to be eye-pleasing and user-friendly.  Following that is the co-lab area, where staff members can work in.  There will be a café next to it.  We may sometimes integrate both areas together into a large lobby by opening the café’s window.  Moreover, there is a stage, which is an integral feature that contributes to the overall appearance of the building’s ceiling being clear and loose. We also make the circle running on the ceiling to create a dynamic so that it becomes the highlight and therefore the meeting area.  Modern office should contain the area for staff members to meet up, exchange ideas, and work together.  Additionally, more distinct meeting rooms are provided on each floor so that it can be totally secluded from people outside the organization.  In designing this 7th floor, we emphasize more budget on this floor than any other floors to make it turn out modern.  Meanwhile, we reduce the luxuriousness of other floors, but instead increase the coziness.”

An Immobile Workplace

The single drawback of this office’s working style is that changing working seats is impossible.  As a result, the architect designs the fixed table with the format that provides dynamism by using curve lines from the table to the ceiling.  The lamps with circle lines are also used to create the flowing effect.

Constructing while the staff members are working

During the construction, the staff members of Allianz Ayudhya are still working.  The architect steps in to manage and plan the area in moving the large number of staff members.  The construction starts two by two floors and deadline is imposed to prevent the delay. 

“We work on two-by-two levels for a year and provide a temporary working environment for the employees. The executives have a lot of faith in us. We provide an all-in-one service for this project, starting with design, planning the project program, purchasing, providing a temporary working location while construction is underway, and lastly administering the construction. When all of these elements are combined, they provide a larger perspective than the design process alone.”

Construction restrictions

“At first, we planned to drill the flooring on the sixth, seventh, and eighth levels. Since the building was built 30 years ago, we hastened to install new beams after gaining permission from Bangkok. However, when cutting the floor, it is unclear if the original Post Tension floor is a Bonded System or a UnBonded System because this building was constructed during the link between these two floor systems, which is uncleared as it was not defined clearly on the plan. As a result, we must confer with a CPAC expert. He also informed us that it might be an UnBonded System judging from a steel sling used in the building. Everyone was worried because if they pierced the ground and something went wrong, the building may be damaged. We checked multiple times before deciding not to continue drilling since it is unsafe. The placed beams were subsequently disassembled, and we then modified the design to present to ALLIANZ AYUDHYA.”

Create a fresh work environment for the employees

“The design provides employees with a new and modern experience. Because of the new workspace, new perspectives on work can be formed. For example, a cafe corner that influences staff behavior. They can drink coffee, talk, and work at the same time. We also offer support for a variety of systems that can be used in any location. So, they utilize the area because it covers all the usage needs, and this new manner of working has the potential to draw new generations to the workforce.”

Client:      Allianz Ayudhya
Location: Ploenchit Tower
Area:        10,000 sq.m.
Year:        2021
Scope of Work:
-Interior Design
– Lighting Design
– Environmental Graphic Design
– Interior Fit-out
– MEP works by SKN Power Engineering and Union Product
Photographer Credit: W Workspace

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn