PTK44 House
4 x 11-meter expansion that brings more joy to the family

Despite the fact that housing estates or Ready-to-Move-in houses are popular among the people due to their ease of design and construction as well as time savings. However, due to the relatively fixed space, the housing estate may no longer meet the needs after living in the property for some time. Many people, thus, buy the houses with the intention of making changes, renovating, or expanding to better suit their living conditions.

Like this PTK44 House in Pattanakarn district, where the new parents aim to enhance the living area to welcome the little one by creating a 4 X 11-meter box-shaped extension from the former housing structure. This space was intended to be a kid’s play area, a storage room, and the father’s personal space to complement the house’ living area, designed by the architect from Fatt! Studio.

According to the architect, the owners, who are friends of her friend, meticulously plan their future lives. This family home’s design incorporates all future master plans, which are divided into two phases. The first phase is represented by this white box-shaped building. The following stage will take place on a vacant garden plot to build a house for their children so they could enjoy their own space within the same fenced boundaries.


Building an extension or improving a house can be done in a variety of ways, including renovation, reconstruction, or adding new elements without affecting the existing ones. To avoid the risk of contacting the precast construction as much as possible, the architect and the owner decided to employ the addition of a box building instead. Four structural columns were designed by a team of architects in collaboration with engineers to withstand the weight of an 11-Metre long expansion with beams extending on both sides.It is advantageous to design the ground floor area to look like a basement that can be opened all the way, allowing children to run and play while also providing a semi-outdoor area for the family to sit and enjoy the breeze all day.

Some of the building’s pillars are concealed under wind-block walls, one of which has a wooden frame void. It serves as a relaxing corner as well as a wall plane that shields the view and enhances the space’s privacy.

Because there is only one suitable light wall, the bridge’s connection to the original house is through the function of the master bedroom. The architect employs a method of directly protruding the floor of a long structure in order to lessen the load stress on the original precast construction.

The spiral staircase in the front not only enhances the functionality of the house but also serves as structural support to strengthen and stabilizing the box-shaped structure.

After the construction began, it was time for the little owner to open his eyes to the world. The space in this house has been modified to accommodate the changing lifestyle once again. The upper floor will be converted into a kid’s room. The pond has been repositioned and lowered in size on the floor space so that children can comfortably run and play in the future.

In other words, a house, like its owner, has a life. Houses are bound to be renovated, changed, and grown along with living from the first day until the transition time. The triggers are the relocation or the modest alterations, the new expansion from time to time, or the remodeling of almost the entire house to accommodate changing needs. However, like with this PTK44 House, everything must be done in accordance with the area, the original context, and the important factors such as the owner’s lifestyle and demands.

Using area: 80 Sqm.
Location: Pattanakarn 44, Bangkok, Thailand
Design Director : Wattikon Kosonkit
Project architect : Sudarat Munkarn
Design team : Supanna Chanpensri, Ornyupa Noichad
Interior: Surapat Puanmuang
Structural engineer: Mr. Nuttapol Wangsittikul
M&E engineer: Degree system Co.,Ltd
Contractor: SAMCON Co.,Ltd
Interior contractor: MLT furniture Co.,Ltd
Photographer: Ketsiree Wongwan

Rangsima Arunthanavut

Rangsima Arunthanavut