Exotic Food Headquarter
reinterprets the word "office" to make it more enjoyable.

Many people may wonder if the office will still be important as nowadays people prefer to work from home. Exotic Food (XO), a public company specializing in exporting Thai flavors to the rest of the world, says that it is ‘vital’ and puts more importance on their office by deciding to renovate and expand the office to create a memorable work environment.

“XO’s capacity to be adaptive to changes is the foundation of its success. The decision to renovate and expand the office space at this unexpected moment coincides with our belief that offices are still important and will become much more so in the time when people are no longer required to be physically present at their workplace.”

If we define the word “office” as simply a place to work. So, what is the benefit of an office in this day where one can work from anywhere? We may have questioned whether working from home is really effective, but in a compulsive context, the answer is “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Create a memorable identity

Red and black were chosen as the primary colors for the overall atmosphere of the Exotic Food (XO) Headquarter.  It is also peppered with elements that communicate the identity of the XO, such as the various condiment bottles that have been reshaped and hidden as wall shelves creating gimmicks to promote unity. Therefore, both employees and visitors who have a chance to visit the actual office or see it online will be able to clearly recognize and remember the identity of the office.

The office space of the Exotic Food Headquarter is divided into four sections: Support Core, which includes a number of functions responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the business, such as small meeting rooms, the phone booths for online meetings, the management rooms, the workshop room, and storage area. This area is encircled by the main work area while allowing natural light and beautiful views from outside to shine through.

Next is the Main Core, which is the main working area and the main activity area of ​​the office, including a canteen, bar and amphitheater that accommodates a variety of work-related and recreational activities.

The External Core is the area to accommodate visitors. It consists of two main meeting rooms that can be partitioned or connected into one large conference room. Small meeting tables inside the meeting room make it more flexible to accommodate various functionalities, such as formal meetings, group workshops, or class lectures. The space outside meeting rooms comes with a series of small pockets that can accommodate multiple groups of guests at the same time.

Lastly, there is the Internal Core, an informal workspace that promotes teamwork within the company. The Internal Core and the External Core are located in the area with access to the view of the city and Wireless Road’s green spaces, bringing a relaxing ambiance to the interiors.

The front section of the Main Core, when combined with the External Core and Internal Core, forms a large space called the XO Core, which supports the activities that represent the identity of the organization as well as hosts large scales events such as Town hall or company parties.

Create organizational unity

Many people used to consider their office to be a second home. Nowadays, work, however, doesn’t have to be confined to the office. Working from home may appear more convenient in the sense that one could save time commuting and working in a coffee shop or other public place may appear more relaxing than working at the office.

But for Exotic Food (XO), working together still has advantages in terms of both productivity and organizational unity. The future office, therefore, must be defined as a place where people are willing to collaborate, the corporate identity is clearly communicated, the functions comprehensively accommodate work-related activities, and the atmosphere attracts employees to come to work in the office more than anywhere else.

“Adjusting the office design concept to be better resonate with current situations will prove that the importance of physical office space exists now and in the future, and an office space that responds appropriately to change will be a key factor in both the organization’s and individual’s success.”

Project: Exotic Food Headquarter
Building type: Office
Location: Sindhorn Building, Bangkok
Owner: Exotic Food PCL
Interior architect: IF (Integrated Field Co., Ltd.)
Environmental graphic: INFO
Other collaborators
Lighting designer: FOS Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Electrical engineer: SITE 83 Co., Ltd.
Sanitary engineer: SITE 83 Co., Ltd.
Main contractor: CHOICE INTERIOR
Interior contractor: CHOICE INTERIOR
Area 545 sq.m.
Completed: 01 October 2021
Photographer: Ketsiree Wongwan

Compiled from: IF (Integrated Field Co., Ltd.)

Saovapak Ayasanond

Saovapak Ayasanond