ARTi Architect - A modern office with green spaces that bring delight to employees.

In one generation, the workspace was frequently divided into ‘locks’ for employees, with a separate space or rooms for supervisors.  The workbench became an intelligible indicator of the worker’s status without the need for explanation, as it could be seen that the distance between the working status and each person’s interaction was divided at the same time.

However, many workplaces are beginning to modify and break down the barriers of those spaces to create more open spaces and are no longer limited to traditional desks. Because modern workplaces focus primarily on the happiness of working people. Just like ARTi Architect, a modern-style architect’s office that designs workspaces with green space elements.  There is absolutely no restriction on growing trees in this office even though it is located on the third floor of the commercial shophouse.

Inspired by a familiar old location.

During their four years at DBALP, the architects became acquainted with the atmosphere of a renovated old warehouse workplace with views of the building’s lawn and trees in front of the building. Therefore, when ARTi Architect was planning to build an office, these comfortable settings were taken as an inspiration for the design of the third level of a commercial building in the Charoen Rat district.

“It would be challenging to look for an open space with a single-story building, like DBALP. So we thought of a building that we used to design a restaurant for. The restaurant owner, therefore, invited us to inspect the shophouse. It appears that the 140 square meters area on the third floor is suitable. We use the concept of the office design to build a green space outside as though this space is not on the third floor.”

An office that welcomes people with naturalness.

With the office space on the third floor, installing the teak on the columns, using Cobblestone flooring outside, or choosing the plant material might not be a huge challenge. But the challenge lies in the construction of the garden pots so that they do not leak into the ground floor and outside the building. The architect then designed a steel frame underneath the garden pots, followed by vivaboards, and covered with DRAINAGE CELL to prevent leakage from the water pipes that are timed for watering the plants. Additionally, the plants are designed to divide between the corridor and the wooden terrace, used for relaxation time.

“The selection of plant must be suitable for both east and north sunlight and must also have a form to create a space as well. The main welcoming tree at the entrance is Monstera, which is layered with King of Heart, whose leaves have a similar shape, and Victoria Fern as a ground cover. Next to the entrance, Sweet oleander, Fiddle Fig, and Philodendron Selloum were planted and covered the ground with Chinese Evergreen and Flame flowers. We also hang ferns from the ceiling to form a second level of planting. The last planting area is next to our desk. We covered the ground with Dragon’s Tongue and Polyscias.”

In detail, the architect finished off by using gravel between the cobblestone floor and the glass window to create a depth between the materials.

Design from the modern spirit.

In the total office space of 140 square meters, the architect shortened the glass wall to form a porch in front and designed planting space along the corridor leading to the office and balcony. Once inside, some functions include meeting rooms, workspaces, and relaxation areas.

“We are an office with modern and minimalist design. So, the interior must reminisce the modern era. Therefore, we picked up materials such as Glass blocks, which began to be manufactured and developed in the 1890s and became popular in the 1920s, for use on both floors and entrance walls. Following that are the steel beams and steel walls that we choose because of their visual appeal. Also, the steel wall has a function that could be attached to magnets that can be useful during presentations. In another part, we opted for long wooded laminated materials, providing no joints behind the model’s shelf to mimic the natural atmosphere as if we were working next to the ground. The last material is translucent corrugated tiles which are mounted on steel beams between the upper floor and the glass windows. It makes the interior feel unbelievably warmer.”

Same furniture as the German Pavillion

Furniture is as significant as other things in making the environment more comfortable.  The architect picked a sizable table made of chamchuri wood to evoke a sense of grandeur and nature in the meeting room. In the background of the conference room sits a model of the building on a painted teak wood shelf. When coming out of the meeting room, you will find the architect’s desk in green marble which helps to make the working atmosphere feel relaxed and natural.

“The highlight of this office is the lounge area with Barcelona chair, designed by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. The same model was also installed at the German Pavilion. All in all, nothing could communicate more modernity than this chair.”

Unlike any typical offices

“The lighting in office design differs from other building designs because architects must mostly rely on their eyes. Lack of light will have an impact on the work. So we choose to open the glass window and control the light with roller blinds. It is necessary to install light bulbs that provide adequate lighting at night.  In addition, in terms of zoning, we will not divide it into rooms, but rather arrange it as an open plan, meaning that employees can see and discuss work at any moment. Most importantly, there are green areas that, in addition to providing fresh air and shading, also contribute to the creation of an inspiring working environment. If employees are tired from work, they can go outside and stretch on the balcony’s green space. We want this office to be like working at a senior’s house or a friend’s house, which provides a better feeling and working environment than working in a typical office.

Area : 140 m²
Manufacturers :  Thaistoneshop, Wiboon Sintanavevong, Yongyuansawmill
Contractor : WAWARA design

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn