Tex-Tile - handcrafted fabric tiles made from weaving, wrapping, embroidering, and pleating.

Many architects and designers are undoubtedly familiar with terracotta or other stoneware tiles that provide solidity and beauty to the interior. But which type of tile should we choose if we want the interior to seem soft but sturdy?

As a result, ease studio developed and designed Tex-Tile, a fabric tile that has been handcrafted through weaving, wrapping, embroidering, and pleating processes until it becomes a soft pattern with a range of motifs that may draw attention to the interior of the structure.

Create tiles with the Industrial Craft concept.

Tex-tile, interior and semi-exterior wall decoration materials made from various fabrics such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, PVC, TP rope, nylon rope, or woven rope produced in industrial factories and before being handcrafts with techniques such as weaving, wrapping, embroidery, pleating, and other techniques on veneer wood, MDF wood, HMR wood, or Acoustic Board. The company has designed up to 20 patterns with 10 colors to choose from. The architects and the designers may select and modify those materials and can endlessly reuse them elsewhere.

“There are a number of semi-permanent buildings being built these days, such as the Sale Gallery of village developments or condominiums that must be demolished after sold out. As a result, I explore how we could collect and store some elements before building demolition. When it comes to the construction of a new building, I would be able to install those materials instantly. However, before installation, I must compare the design materials to other materials as well as the color scheme to achieve the same overall aesthetic.”

Experiment with different materials to create one-of-a-kind patterns.

The studio serves as a Service Design section, creating tiles that meet the needs of customers and architects, while also incorporating ideas and experimenting with new techniques such as combining gold lines weaving patterns, integrating materials from other industries, or mixing certain fibers to make wall decoration materials look more exotic and more interesting.

“Both design experience and familiarity with machines allow me to know the work process and how the job will appear to a certain extent.”

Nails are used in the installation, which simplifies the process.

It is ideal to use nails for Tex-Tile since it can be done fast and efficiently without the use of adhesive. It can be installed on a plywood wall or the original framed wall. The studio will either offer installation teams or, if the architect and the customer already have a contractor, the studio will attach installation techniques along with the materials.

“Because I had worked on so many projects, I realized right away that every project needs to be completed quickly, thus dry installation is the ideal solution.”

UV light resistance and simple to clean.

All materials will be pre-coated with dust and water protection by the studio. If it has been used for a while and needs to be cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner or a damp towel. It is also resistant to UV rays and moisture thanks to carefully selected fabric fibers.

Prices are based on the materials and the difficulties of techniques used.

Prices range from 2,500 to 20,000 baht per square meter, depending on the size, method, difficulty, and Raw Material used in the design.

ease studio, a studio that is always experimenting with different fabric techniques.

ease studio was founded in 2014 by Kong – Wanus Choketaweesak and Ploy – Nichepak Torsutkanok. They both have backgrounds in interior design, furniture design, and graphic design. Also, Kong’s family owns an embroidery factory. As a result, they are particularly interested in fabrics and attempt to produce home decoration items with embroidery techniques while learning about the production process, both machines embroidery and crafts technique, before extending to the experiment of using fabric with tiles, resulting in Tex-Tile work as it is today.

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn