Green Rock & Green Block - Synthetic lightweight Aggregate and building blocks, new materials from liquor production.

Who would have imagined that the production of liquor could be used to create construction materials? It is simply using innovation that uses Distillery Spent Wash (or Vinasse), a byproduct of liquor production, to create Green Rock which can be used as a replacement for natural stones in concrete. The material is strong, fire resistant, lightweight, efficiently absorbs moisture, and may also be insulated. It can also be used to make Green Block bricks, which can suspend heavy items and can be built up to 3 meters high without the usage of lintels. What are the details of these two materials? Let’s find out.

A synthetic lightweight Aggregate from Distillery Spent Wash

Green Rock is a lightweight synthetic material with numerous internal voids, giving the material a variety of specific features, such as strength, durability, sound, heat, cooling insulation, and good moisture absorption. When combined with concrete, brick blocks, or precast walls, the overall weight is 30% less than that of traditional stone mixtures. It is also an environmentally friendly material.

In addition, Green Rock has partnered with a concrete factory to build a concrete chamber wall with Green Rock and test the compressive strength for 10 hours, achieving a value of 180 Ksc, of which Conventional concrete is 140 Ksc, and the compressive strength for 28 days is 324 Ksc., of which Conventional concrete is 215 Ksc and is also 3-5 degrees better heat resistance than Conventional concrete.

Produced from Distillery Spent Wash

Green Rock is produced from a distillery process that always yields Distillery Spent Wash as a by-product. In most cases, Distillery Spent Wash is used to make fertilizer or animal feed. But with research, Distillery Spent Wash is brought to treatment innovation and burn it into ashes which are then mixed with other raw materials such as soil, and molded into a spherical shape, and brought in a furnace at a temperature of 1,200 – 1,400 degrees. This results in a porous seed within the material giving it the property of being construction material.

Green Block, Building Blocks containing Green Rock

From Green Rock to Green Block, a low water absorbent concrete block which reduces shrinkage of the block, resulting in non-cracking, fire resistant, sound and heat insulated material. The bricks weigh 4.4 kg/block and have a density of 1,442 kg/m3. In addition, the wall can incredibly support up to 50 kilograms through the nails. Therefore, it is suitable to be used as a wall both outside and inside the building.

It can be installed up to 3 meters high without lintels.

Green Block material can be used to build a wall without using a lintel because the block can withstand a lot of force and weight. So, it can be built up to 3 meters. However, every 2 rows of construction should be reinforced with shrimp tentacles to strengthen the wall. In the plastering process, wire mesh should be attached to the corners of door and window frames so that there will be no cracks along the corners in the future.

Green Rock and Green Block prices are not as expensive as they seem.

There are 2 types of Green Rock: 4-6 millimeters and 7-10 millimeters, with the selling price of 1 kilogram at 7 baht and of 1 ton at 7,000 baht.

For Green Block, the size is 19 x 39 x 7 centimeters. The price is 18 baht/pc. For building walls, it requires 12 pcs/square meter.

Charun Business 52 , The inventor, researcher, and manufacturer of Green Rock material.

Charun Business 52  was originally a construction materials and tile flooring for exterior paving company, which is a related business group of Thai Beverage PCL. The company later added a new business and started research and collaborated with various organizations to create new innovations. They have taken an interest in the byproducts produced by the production of liquor like the Distillery Spent Wash which they process to becomes an eco-friendly building material to be an alternative material for architects and designers.

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn