Dot. House. A house that draws on colors and furniture lines for design

Who would have imagined that different designs and pieces of furniture would always clash and appear odd? DOt. House., on the other hand, has seamlessly put together home items such as furniture, collectibles, and decorative items in a different style.  The house was designed by three firms: architects from INLY STUDIO, interior designers from Studio monD and landscape architects from H2O Design.

House of the antique collectors

The house’s owners are a married couple originally from Chiang Mai who work as art collectors, stylists, silversmiths, furniture suppliers, and antique collectors. As a result, the homeowner envisions this home as a furniture showroom filled with various collectibles. At the same time, the house must appear light and airy, while also providing a sense of coziness and warmth.

Create a space to protect furniture and collectibles from getting damaged

As a seller of furniture and collectibles that must be constantly moved, the first floor is designed to include a seating area as a reception with a large opening raised to the same level as the height of the pickup truck for easy access when moving furniture and collectibles. In addition, the wall of the parking lot also serves as a storage room for their favorite motorcycle.

Next, on the left side of the house, the designer designed a walkway leading into the house, which covered with wooden floors and has a long bench with shoes storage at the bottom. The seating area is connected to an aluminum folding screen, which allow the residents to view the green garden outside. The rounded wooden columns serve as a frame for the garden and support the weight of the corridor eaves.

“Because the house’s furniture and collectibles are both new and old. As a result, we designed the eaves to protrude and open up the structure as much as possible. so that rain and light do not enter the interior It also provides good air circulation, which helps to keep furniture and collectibles in good condition.”

A living area full of different styles of furniture

When entering the living area, the interior designer and the owner have arranged a variety of furniture, including from Chinese, Retro, and Mid-century pieces that provide a shade of brown, complete with Industrial style kitchen cabinets and countertops in Celadon green color (Keaw Khai Ka) in the same area. To create a harmonious link between green and brown, the lamps and kitchen cabinet handles are painted gold. Simultaneously, a white terrazzo floor with gold lines was chosen to make the furniture stand out more, while also raising the white ceiling to allow for good air circulation.

“As you can see, the living room resembles a furniture showroom. When visitors come to visit and are interested in any furniture, they can purchase it right away from the owner.”

Floating staircase hall area to store collectibles

To make the interior of the building look more connected to the furniture, an arch was designed to symbolize the transition of the space to the floating staircase hall to the second floor. The hall’s function is to display collectibles where each piece is arranged in the same shade. Furthermore, this area has a large opening for viewing the outside garden view and walking in and out. There is also a maple courtyard surrounded by ventilation blocks to block out the heat from the west out while allowing the wind to pass through and blocking the view from neighbors. There is also a bathroom designed as an arch to match the entrance to the stairwell and a herringbone terracotta tiled wall with curved glass and vintage lamps.

“As you enter the hallway, you will notice the working space on the second floor, which features windows that can be opened and closed. It not only ventilates the air and allows residents to see every part of the house, but it also establishes a rhythm that makes the space of the hall appear more dimensional. Furthermore, on the first floor, there is a bedroom for parents and friends, designed in a blue interior with a glass door that provides the view of the entire garden area.”

Placing private space at the back of the house

The second floor is intended to be completely private. Walking up, the top of the maple tree from the first-floor courtyard greets you before the corridor leads to a study room with old American office desk and vintage lamp. Three windows are installed inside the room to provide a view of the entire house. At the same time, the maple trees were also visible through a side void.

The bedroom on the second floor has a wall decorated with the same Celadon green grid pattern as the kitchen. A vintage-style mattress sits in the center of the room, and the floor is adorned with herringbone-patterned wood. The balcony’s exterior features a concrete edge that connects to herringbone-patterned tiles, reinforced with an Italian-style rounded fence, which unifies the view with all the furniture and collectibles. The room also includes a bathroom with curved mirrors and fish scale-patterned tiling. You can draw the blinds up to allow more natural light into the space.

Using Antique Encaustic Cement Roof in conjunction with Seamless Roof

The architect chose Wibunsri Antique Encaustic Cement tiles while added more color to the 2-storey rear building while using a seamless roof, reinforced with timber frame to the gable, on the one-story building in the front area. When the two roofing materials are combined, the building has a nice blend of Thai and Modern styles.

“Additionally, with the studio’s style, we frequently design the roof to display the beams and wooden rafters in the roof since it enhances the beauty dimension to make the roof look attractive as well.”

Free-form vegetation creates relaxation

The landscape architect designed an exterior garden area with a courtyard and a lotus pond so that the water reflects the house in an interesting way. All of the plants are centered on free-form trees that appear relaxed and provide adequate shade. Furthermore, the basement of the house is sprinkled with stones to make it feel clean and to keep various poisonous animals away.

A timeless house

The first-floor area, or the front building, is designated as a Public Space in this house, with the Open Plan interior allowing connections between all of the house’s rooms. It also gives the house a sense of openness and comfort because the residents can see every part of the house and the garden from every corner. By incorporating arches, any piece of furniture, regardless of its appearance, can be seamlessly integrated into the home. The two-story back building will become completely Private Space.

“In the end, designing a house does not have to be done in the same tone or style. Yet, it can meet the needs of the residents while also displaying the homeowner’s identity through the house.”

Project location : Chiangmai, Thailand
Completion Year : 2022
Area : 380 sq.m.
Architect : INLY STUDIO | Pakorn Yoodee | Chayanin anantasete | Kiattisak srikumwong neawbenthud
Interior designer : Studio monD
Landscape designer : H2O Design Co.,Ltd
Style : Dot.decor
Structure Engineer : Pilawan Piriyapokhai
Builder : WN house
Photographer : Rungkit charoenwat | Soopakorn srisakul
Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn