Create a private space for the house with the pattern of 'timber inserted in steel pipes wall’

If we were to build a house, we would prefer a house that provides privacy, peace, is shady, serene, and create a relaxing atmosphere, just like a house with timber inserted in steel pipes wall in Chachoengsao province, designed by architects from BackYardArchitect to be opaqued to block the view from the outsiders, twisted the mass form to protect the house from sunlight, as well as building the patterned of timber inserted in steel pipes wall around the building that allows the wind to pass through the house and better obscures the view from the outside. The interior design is in white, gray, black, and brown tones to make a warm environment in a modern style, designed by interior designer Narakon Studio 

Simple requirements

The owner desires that this house include a living room, a kitchen, a movie room, the couple’s bedroom, and the daughter’s bedroom, all of which require seclusion to avoid interference from strangers, as there are always people walking by in the nearby neighborhood.

The house plan intended to display only the second floor

To increase privacy, the architects shortened the length of the house to nearly half of the land area and built a slope gradient from the fence up to the house to help reduce the traffic noise. People outside can only see the enclosed mass of the second-floor building. In addition, the entrance road layout is built on the right side to prevent strangers from seeing the residents’ entry and departure.

Twisted mass forms to obscure the heat

Another reason that the second floor is covered with white marble and rhythms up with black marble is that the front of the building faces west where the mass on the right consists of the bedroom, the dressing room, and the bathroom of the husband and wife, along with voids and trees in front of the house to help filter the sunlight. The mass form that is overhanging and tilted to the left help block the sunlight and creates a distraction preventing others from peering inside the house.

The left mass form, which serves as a movie room, is moved rearward, while the right mass form is used to block sunlight and heat. Although both parts of the mass forms appear opaque, when placed on the wall of a rectangular steel block, Instead, the solid building feels like a floating stone.

“We use the bedroom as a shade because most family activities take place in the living room. We also placed the bathroom and the dressing room to the front of the mass to filter heat for the bedroom to a certain extent.”

‘Timber inserted in the steel pipes’ inspired by masonry

The highlight of this house is the timber inserted in steel pipes wall. The designer organized the steel pipes in the same pattern as masonry and embellished them with Siamese sal timber, leaving room between each pipe to create a shadow dimension that obscures passers-by’s vision. Having the timber protrude slightly from the steel box enables more breeze to penetrate the house. Furthermore, the pattern of steel and timber distinguishes the marble on the second level, producing an intriguing identity for the house.

“Our studio is interested in steel materials, so we took steel pipes to experiment together in the same way as masonry. We discovered that when welding steel pipes with heat, the steel shrinks. When being lined up, it resulted in an uneven slope. Therefore, we inserted a piece of beech wood into each point of the steel pipes to produce a neat and intriguing steel pattern.”

Allow nature to be a component of the interior design

Over 550 meters of living space, the architects designed the entryway and parking area to have a roof extending with the mass form to shield residents from rain when they’re walking into the house. On the other hand, if they walk into the house in the afternoon, the shadows of the steel structure pattern and the trees will reflect on the white marble tiles, creating a feeling of relaxation before entering the house.

Upon entering the house, they will find a corridor leading to the Living Room, which features a high hall surrounded by glass doors and windows. The design is intended to bring out the centre courtyard and the exterior lawn to be the same as the interior of the building.  The designer placed the furniture in an Open Plan arrangement from the Island Kitchen countertop, the dining table, and the living area. The interior designer opts for white, gray, and black materials to give the building an airy and relaxed look to the residents.

The family movie room is on the second floor, designed in brown interior with a large curtain that can be closed when they want to watch a movie and opened when they want to expose to the nature from the courtyard in the middle of the first-floor area. Next from the movie room is the area of the altar table, where the designer placed a circle void in the background, displaying the trees outside while installing windows around the courtyard area, connecting the nature on both sides.

The altar table area also serves as a gateway to the daughter’s bedroom and the couple ‘s bedroom. The daughter’s bedroom is designed with curved lines and blue-grey and pink colors to make the atmosphere appear cute and cheerful. The couple bedroom is designed in a gray-brown tone that gives a feeling of serenity, depth, and maturity.

There is also an external terrace in the backyard that connects to the living room and is designed with horizontal and vertical lines and uses blue-grey to create a relaxing atmosphere. Residents can also open the entrance to enjoy the refreshing ambiance of the external garden.

Experiment with designing differently

For the design of this house, the architect attempted to present a design method that is different from the traditional way of designing houses such as using steel and wood materials to create new patterns that make the building interesting, while also obscuring the sight of outsiders from seeing the activities of people in the house. In addition, the twisting of the building’s mass form also helps prevent heat from the sun and provide privacy to the homeowner. When looking at the overall picture of this house, it is also like a sculpture giving the surrounding context as well.

Year :
Area :
500 Sq.m.
Architect : BackYardArchitect
Interior : Narakon Studio 

Watsapon Vijitsarn

Watsapon Vijitsarn