Ningarisa House
From a housing estate to the simple yet instragramable house of two influencers

It can be said that interior design is an essential aspect of the design process that meets both aesthetic and functional criteria on a finer scale and closer to humans than architecture and space design.  For areas where functions and spaces have already been defined, it is quite difficult to alter such as condominiums or housing estates, therefore, we see interior design playing an important role in shaping space to better meet the needs of the resident.

Like this ‘pop’ house of two influencers who got an interior design from MAKE It POP Co., Ltd. transform the appearance of an ordinary housing estate to have a gimmick that indicates the owner’s identity besides dividing the usage area into proportions and fulfilling needs and wants of Thai influencers’ lifestyles by designing home space exclusively for taking photos and reviewing products every single corner.

“This work is an interior design for a housing estate. Therefore, there will be boundaries that we cannot do, for example, the walls here are precast concrete systems, so we cannot drill or change the windows and doors. The key challenge is that we must first look at what are the limitations of the work site. Next is the story of the homeowner. We start with preferences, personalities, personality traits, what kind of personality does he like, what kind of design will be beautiful for them?” said the designer from MAKE It POP.

Simple and minimalist with a touch of Art Deco style

With the MAKE It POP working method, the designer adds that she places a lot of emphasis on the process at the start of the discussion so that the designer and the owners can see the final image as consistently as possible by communicating through a reference picture that the owner has gathered, which has a keyword in the beginning as ‘Korean café house’. Then she gradually removes elements and styles from the desired image. In short, it’s a minimalist design with some Art Deco components that employ curves as the major feature while managing the interior tone in a comfortable home atmosphere with white tones and wooden material.

To give the house more interesting corners, the designer defines space by using these curved lines to design, for example, the curved arch in the kitchen adds fun by twisting the vertical axes so that they are aligned from one plane, thereby creating a dimension that makes that space pleasant or the entrance to the kitchen with a gradient from dark to light tones making the entrance arch have a deeper dimension.

We also see rounded lines used in various parts of the interior space, such as the entrance arch, which divides the space between the living room and the foyer of the house, the TV arch, using curved lines as a background for the zone and has the lines of the cabinet design, or the ceiling, which still has curves that go together throughout the house.

“As the house is not very large, we try to use curves to create dimensions in each space so that it has multiple angles and also makes the house not just a square form. It appears to be softer and warmer.”

Instagrammable, a house that can take photos from any angle

“We want to be able to create content in every room of the house. Home is more important than a place to live in this era because most of us work from home, so home is more important than a place to live and we need to supplement our work as well,” the homeowner recalled.

Because both owners are influencers who have to shoot product reviews and work from home regularly, therefore, the challenge in the home design must be beautiful, and photographable at every corner or each area of the house must have a background that can comfortably accommodate these shooting tasks.

“I considered the camera angle as well as the functionality that the owners desired.” For example, as the homeowner like dripping coffee, there must be a coffee station in the house. So, at the coffee counter, I consider which way the sun is shining and how I should position the windows to allow the owner to set up the camera and take beautiful photos. In addition, the kitchen and TV arches may be used as backdrops when the owner creates reviews from both viewpoints. Even at the dinner table. I assumed it had to be extra-large for product photography on the table. I replicated the angle for the owners to display the viewpoint of when I completed the Render 3D.”

The challenge relates to material selection specifics since this house must be Instagramable. Aside from the excessive number of opening glass walls and windows, this house will lack a gleaming finish to reduce reflection issues when photographing. The designer chooses a matte approach for tables, chairs, and most surfaces, such as changing the original granite floor to SPC wood-patterned tiles or applying a texture spray paint on the TV arch to provide a not-overly-flat dimension.

“I also conduct research into their social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, to see how they normally dress. Their preferred colors are clearly earth tones, white, and cream. As a result, the house concept must follow the same theme. They also go over the belongings of an apartment they previously lived in. I observe their room decorating, the items they purchased to decorate the rooms, and their chosen style. I take those helpful things and place them on the home I design so that when they move into this new house, they can take the old items and put them all together.”

“In terms of the dressing room, which I specially designed on the second floor, they need to take fantastic photos or possibly do make-up reviews. I let them undertake personal coloring to see which color best suited and fulfills them and their lifestyle. The result is a fiery orange tone, which I take into account while designing their dressing room and adding curved features to match the first-floor area.”

Interior Designer from MAKE It POP

 “Interior design differs from architect-designed home design in that it is about working with style. As a result, when it comes to interior design, Pang dedicates a lot of time to talking to clients regarding what they like and dislikes because they are the ones who will be living there. They could buy something for the house and add to it. If we can’t find what they buy or enjoy, the things I create will wind up being strange to them,” The designer concluded.


“We use this house very worthwhile. We genuinely move our bodies to every area and feel that the interior makes every single area utilizable. We walk to make coffee in the morning. If we want to do food photography content, the kitchen is ready for rolling the camera. We eat and watch TV at the table in the middle of the house. We use this space as our own. We love this house,” The homeowner added.

Location : Bangna, Thailand
Designer : MAKE IT POP
Contractor : Interior Homie Stutio 

Rangsima Arunthanavut

Rangsima Arunthanavut